Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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WorkReady Lorain County

Work Readiness System

Using the Work Readiness System from ACT Inc., WorkReady Lorain County provides a framework for documenting the essential skills of workers and a tool for helping those individuals who need to refresh those skills. Targeting Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics, the program includes tutorials and assessments that measure baseline skills and develop a process for strengthening and documenting attainment.

WorkReady Lorain County also provides an opportunity for individuals to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate which illustrates that a person has met the necessary skill requirements to be successful and provides employers with a method for easily identifying the best candidates for their job openings.  By recognizing the certificate or recommending that applicants obtain it prior to applying, employers are helping encourage workers to prove they have essential work skills.

Certified Work Ready Community

As a participant in the national ACT Work Ready Communities initiative, Lorain County has developed the tools necessary to drive economic growth through a data-driven process. 


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