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Business Development Resources

The links below will take you to Web sites for many useful resources for starting and developing a business.  All the sites are publicly-funded, and represent efforts developed to assist the public in their business-development efforts. 

LCCC Business Growth Services
Lorain County Community College's Business Growth Services is a one-stop resource to support the successful development of entrepreneurs, employers, business startups and non-profit organizations.  LCCC offers convenient, high quality, comprehensive training packages, business-support services and facilities that can help your organization operate more efficiently and effectively at a time and place most convenient for you.

  • Employee Training and Workforce Development
  • Employee Assessment and Job-Matching Services
  • Business Start-Up Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Conference and Meeting Facilities
  • Office/Business Space
  • Market Research Services

The Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE)
GLIDE is a unique public/private partnership (located on the Lorain County Community College Campus) that can help you to grow your business, whether you are at the idea or expansion stage. Services provided by GLIDE include:

  • GLIDELogo160.gifBusiness/Idea Assessments
  • Technology/Staffing Support
  • Access to Legal Counsel
  • Educational Resources
  • Business Management Mentoring
  • Access to Capital
  • Strategic Business Guidance

Innovation Alliance
A partnership between the University of Akron and Lorain County Community College 
The University of Akron (UA) and Lorain County Community College (LCCC) have entered into an unprecedented alliance that will accelerate educational efficiency, knowledge creation, and economic development within an area we are calling an Innovation Corridor. By combining the collective resources of a community college and a research university, the alliance will stimulate economic development and catalyze innovation across all sectors of the corridor—education, government, health care, manufacturing, and high-growth industries.

By aligning and integrating the existing resources of both institutions, the alliance will respond to the need of employers for workers of the future. Technology development and business-development services will drive new startups and innovation-led business opportunities.

Lorain County Chamber of Commerce
The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Lorain County through unified and coordinated regional economic development program that provides leadership, maximizes resources and emphasizes cooperation.Through a dynamic Program of Work, the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce will:

  • Foster Regional Competitiveness
  • Encourage Entrepreneurship
  • Articulate a Clear Agenda For The New Economy
  • Promote Sustainable Development

Lorain County Commissioners
Commissionerslogo.gifThe Lorain County Commissioners are responsible for a variety of programs and services for the county, including:

  • Job and Family Services
  • Children and Family Council
  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Development
  • Residential Nursing Home
  • Solid Waste
  • Office on Aging
  • Transit

LCCC Logo 260.gifLorain County Community College
Lorain County Community College (LCCC) is the area's leading provider of quality educational services including associate degree programs, continuing education and specialized training.  In addition, LCCC offers bachelor's and master's degrees from leading Ohio universities through our innovative University Partnership program.  LCCC is also the home to the Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, The Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE), Great Lakes Technology Park and other local organizations.

Lorain County Community Development Department
As the community and economic development representative for the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, we offer programs and services in Planning, Zoning, Housing, Community & Economic Development.  Our mission is to serve Lorain County residents through community development initiatives by striving to improve quality of life; to foster smart growth; to promote economic vitality; to encourage development & redevelopment & to provide tools to community leaders for management & for making policy decisions.

logo-jvs.gifLorain County Joint Vocational School
The Lorain County JVS is strongly committed to providing career-technical programs of excellence for both the youth and adults of Lorain County. Our goal is to help our high school and adult students secure rewarding employment to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Lorain County Port Authority
Port Authority.gifThe mission of the Lorain County Port Authority is to promote economic development by assisting private industries initiatives; by encouraging development and redevelopment; and by promoting investment in business, industrial and transportation projects.

Lorain County Workforce Development Agency
The Lorain County Workforce Development Agency (LCWDA) administers the
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) for Lorain County. The Workforce Investment
Act was signed into law on August 7, 1998 by President William Clinton. WIA
embodies seven key principles. They are:

  • Streamlining services through better integration at the street level in the One-Stop delivery system.
  • Empowering individuals in several ways. First, eligible adults are given financial power to use Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) at qualified institutions. Second, individuals are empowered with greater levels of information and guidance. Third, individuals are empowered through the advice, guidance, and support available through the One-Stop system.
  • Universal Access, any individual will have access to the One-Stop system and to core employment-related services.
  • Increased accountability, The goal of the Act is to increase employment, retention, and earnings of participants.
  • Strong role for local workforce investment boards and the private sector, with local, business led boards acting as “boards of directors,” focusing on strategic planning, policy development and oversight of the local workforce investment system.
  • State and local flexibility. States and localities have increased flexibility, with significant authority
  • Improved youth programs linked more closely to local labor market needs and community youth programs and services, and with strong connections between academic and occupational learning.

The cornerstone of the new workforce investment system is One-Stop service delivery which unifies numerous training, education and employment programs into a single, customer-friendly system in each community.

Public Services Institute Public Services Institute
The Public Services Institute and Joint Center for Policy Research provide a link between higher education and governments, non-profit organizations, and civic leadership through education, training and expert facilitation of group and community research studies. The group offers unique insights into this region through research that addresses issues of importance in Lorain County, Northeast Ohio, and the entire state by using data and information as a part of planning, problem-solving and decision making. 

Local entrepreneurs and business owners benefit from events that help to identify regional trends that can affect local business.  Expert Insights Roundtables are hosted with successfully experienced members of the business community and other topic-focused guest speakers who provide insight and support for local business issues.
SBDC Logo.gif

Small Business Development Centers of Ohio
Whether you're  starting your business, expanding your business, or just looking to stay in business, the Small Business Development Centers of Ohio (SBDCs of Ohio) can help with professional guidance by connecting you with  research, financing sources and training opportunities. The SBDCs of Ohio provide free, professional, in-depth and confidential business consulting and training to pre-venture, start-up, and existing small businesses through its network of 38 centers throughout the state.

SBALogo.gifU. S. Small Business Administration
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has grown in terms of total assistance provided and its array of programs tailored to encourage small enterprises in all areas.  SBA's programs now include financial and federal contract procurement assistance, management assistance, and specialized outreach to women, minorities and armed forces veterans.  The SBA also provides loans to victims of natural disasters and specialized advice and assistance in international trade. SBA continues to branch out to increase business participation by women and minorities along new avenues such as the minority small business program, microloans and the publication of Spanish language informational materials.

 MAGNET is the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network. Its mission is to support, educate and champion manufacturing in Northern Ohio with the goal of transforming the region's economy into a powerful, global player. MAGNET is the voice for and to the region's manufacturers, as well as the "one stop shop" for the public and private resources needed by those companies to compete around the world.

Fund for Economic Future

The Fund for Economic Future  is a multi-year ad-hoc coalition of organized philanthropy in Northeast Ohio formed to encourage and advance a common and focused regional economic development agenda, in collaboration with others, which can lead to long-term economic transformation in ways that recognize the importance of core cities, inclusion/diversity, and quality of life. This will be accomplished by convening key stakeholders, educating and engaging the public, tracking overall progress and backing key initiatives with grants.

Team Lorain County
Team Lorain County Logo.jpgTeam
Lorain County is positioned to be the lead economic development organization promoting and marketing the advantages of locating businesses in Lorain County. Its strategic program will implement the following plan:

  • Execute an aggressive marketing campaign to include advertising, direct mail and public relations; 
  •  Develop a top quality printed collateral material and enhanced web-site technology to deliver regional economic development information;
  • Strengthen our relationships with the State and regional economic development organizations, site consultants and other major networks of influence and lead referrals and leverage these relationships to recruit targeted business clusters including information technology, advanced manufacturing, financial services, clinical medicine & medical devices, chemical applications, distribution and value-added suppliers;
  •  Engage the local business network to further target and identify downstream supplier attraction opportunities and new business leads;
  • Increase new qualified business leads through direct mail campaigns, attendance at targeted industry trade shows, print advertising and site consultant presentations
  • Develop and maintain an industry-leading prospect response and handling system
  • Develop enhanced data systems and research capability that provide current and accurate information to support decision making of business leaders and site consultants
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