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Team Lorain County Logo.jpgTeam Lorain County is positioned to be the lead economic development organization promoting and marketing the advantages of locating businesses in Lorain County. Its strategic program will implement the following plan:

§    Execute an aggressive marketing campaign to include advertising, direct mail and public relations;

§    Develop a top quality printed collateral material and enhanced web-site technology to deliver regional economic development information

§    Strengthen our relationships with the State and regional economic development organizations, site consultants and other major networks of influence and lead referrals and leverage these relationships to recruit targeted business clusters including information technology, advanced manufacturing, financial services, clinical medicine & medical devices, chemical applications, distribution and value-added suppliers

§    Engage the local business network to further target and identify downstream supplier attraction opportunities and new business leads

§    Increase new qualified business leads through direct mail campaigns, attendance at targeted industry trade shows, print advertising and site consultant presentations

§    Develop and maintain an industry-leading prospect response and handling system

§    Develop enhanced data systems and research capability that provide current and accurate information to support decision making of business leaders and site consultants

To ensure a seamless network of local economic development service delivery of value-added programs to existing businesses and new prospective companies throughout County, Team Lorain County will also:

§    Create and fully utilize a modern One Stop Center to facilitate and support local business expansion and new business recruitment activities

§    Serve as the central resource center for information and data to support economic development activities. Maintain a comprehensive database of all industrial sites and buildings throughout Lorain County

§    Provide ongoing support services to local units of government and public sector officials in data gathering, proposal development and client handling


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