Wednesday, January 16, 2019

About the Lorain County Growth Partnership

MeetingThe Lorain County Growth Partnership (LCGP), developed by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, is building a collective vision among the partners for the successful future growth of Lorain County.  The purpose of the LCGP is to work with Lorain County organizations and businesses to compete more effectively in a regional marketplace. 

The Board of Commissioners is dedicating the entire fifth floor of the County Administration Building to the Lorain County Growth Partnership. It will house:

  • Lorain County Chamber of Commerce
  • Lorain County Community Development
  • Lorain County Community College
  • Offices for Team Lorain County
  • Ancillary offices for other partners 

The central location will:

  • promote a synergy of ideas
  • encourage collaboration between partners
  • provide seamless service for anyone looking to expand or relocate their business

The achievement of sustainable economic development requires a new approach to policy making and its implementation.  Lorain County Commissioners view this partnership as a way to allow for greater integration and coordination of policy making and its implementation.  This approach is characterized by greater partnership between county government, local government, and community organizations. This collaborative effort promotes the growth of an inclusive, innovative economy that will benefit Lorain County businesses and residents.

This Web site will enable interested community members to view the progress of the LCGP and offer opinions and suggestions for the organization. 

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